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Catch the Drop!

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Without water, there would be no life on our planet. It is a basic requirement for all life. Yet water supplies are facing increasing demands from users. It has become a limited and vulnerable resource which is vital to protect. Water is a precious and threatened resource which we must all conserve for the future. In 1992, the UN General Assembly designated 22nd March of each year as the World Water Day.

The Catch the Drop Campaign was launched to raise awareness that saving water is a concern for us all and to show that one’s behaviour may be adapted to achieve responsible and sustainable usage. Each one of us can be instrumental to help conserve such an indispensable resource.

Each year Catch the Drop travels around schools in Malta and Gozo raising awareness in different manners. Currently, the Catch the Drop campaign is being supported by the HSBC Water Programme. In 2015 MCAST students from the Institute for the Creative Arts joined the campaign as well because the HSBC Water Programme – Catch the Drop Campaign was the main supporter of that year’s exhibition which was held under the theme of “Water Conservation”.

Activities in connection with the exhibition featured 3D water projections, digital, printed, interactive and visual exhibits, the launch of two music videos for the HSBC Water Programme songs, a moving image show and a fashion show.

By engaging with MCAST the campaign managed to expand the outreach of the HSBC Water Programme – Catch the Drop to include further and higher vocational education sector. Furthermore, the addition of such a high profile event will further echo the campaign’s messages of water conservation.

Drip lived in a faucet with its droplet friends, waiting for the day they would be useful to help keep their owner’s garden thriving. However, one day the faucet begins to leak, and Drip is worried that the plants will die out. Help Drip save the plants through the power of drawing!

Throughout the game, your job is to create platforms for the water to travel on and reach the pot. At some points, there will be obstacles which will force you to create creative paths in order to finish the level. A timer will set off in the beginning, lasting a limited amount of time; within that time frame, you will have to plan and draw your route/s for the droplets. There are also seeds scattered around the level which when collected will increase the chance of a better rating.


Luca Debattista

Ashley Potter

Clint Francica

Laura Saliba


The neighborhood Aquarium is faced with a great problem; the water is extremely polluted, and has become infested with germs and littered in trash. It’s up to Filtro and his trusty shark companion to rid the water of these pollutants, and return it to its former beauty.

To do this, Filtro will have to dive in the Aquarium on top of his trusty shark, and use his special diving suit powers to pick up trash and create the energy to incapacitate the germs, and absorb them in his special containment tank.


Omar Akl

Jeremy Muscat

Xanthe Farrugia

James Scerri


After having journeyed from the clouds and mountains, the droplets have taken residence at the Catsons’ house, but they’ve found themselves lost in the pipe maze beneath the building. Riddled with obstacles and dangers, the droplets cannot safely navigate through the pipes. They’re scared and confused, and need your help!

Their goal is to provide water to the Catson’s household, and with your help, the droplets can continue their journey and fulfill their duty! No drop must go to waste, because they are limited in number.


Mikael Borg Cassar

Emma Ellul

Chanelle Cortis

William Galea


Join Harvey on his adventure to collect rain water and help his owner save money on the water bill. The game will take place over several seasons: each of which will have different challenges.

Collect as much rain water as possible so that the coming summers won’t be so harsh. But watch out, Harvey is scared of water! Stay at the edge of the rain clouds, or make use of the umbrella hat to protect Harvey. There are also other abilities you can use that will make Harvey’s quest much easier! Breeze through the environment with the speed boost. Weather a little too dry? Then you can make it rain at will. At any time, you can upgrade your abilities which makes them more efficient!

Can you help Harvey save the crops in time for summer?


Neil Borg

Jeff Brincat

Owen Borg

Alex Ferrante


In a drastic attempt to conserve water, the Green Council has shut off all the town’s mains, except for its own private Reservoir. The citizens have been asked to collect and pay for the water they need directly from the Council; so far the system has worked, but the residents are starting to complain that they’re too busy to travel back and forth!

A compromise has been reached, and you have been employed as a Water Delivery Agent with the Council. Your job is to personally take calls and give the right amount of water to a citizen in need.

Manage your own small town, and help the residents get through their day by giving them the water to help them finish their activities. You will earn money from doing a good job, which can be used to improve your tools and work faster. Be careful: any waste will come out of your pocket, and will probably cause a flood in the house!

With so much to do in so little time, how long can you survive this business?


Miguel Mizzi

Kersten Spiteri

Moira Scicluna Zahra

Luke Soler

Justin Zammit

Redd Caruana